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At the end of the day, your website is your business’s only             front porch on
the Internet.


It's where your clients & customers make THE
bottom-of-funnel decision,
credit card in hand.

After all, it's home to your money-maker pages:

      💵 Product & shop pages
      🤑 Sales pages
      💳 Services/work-with-me pages

And if you’re not putting a 🥂 convo cocktail in your guests’ hand, revving up an empathetic, "omg, get out of my head/I feel so seen" messaging moment,  & sliding in with a pitch so irrisistable that you'll live rent free in their head if they DON'T click ... 

... they're be-bopping to the next tab before you can even ask what brought 'em.


and you're leaving wads of cash on the table.


your money-maker pages


reels strategy

your message
& story

Because all marketing & PR does is hold a mic up to the message that’s already there.  

if it hits?

all roads lead to rome:
your bottom-of-funnel pages.

sales page
services page
prod. descriptions
check-out page

ig posting

public relations





if it doesn't hit?


These have to work
(yes, with math & receipts)

Meaning only 20% of your web copy—sales page, work-with-me-page, etc.—is even read

The thing most folks forget is that 80-90% of info is coveyed to the
brain via


And it’s not even all the same 20% from buyer to buyer. 😳

In fact, we've done the research (even built a whole quiz on it) outlining there are 4 buying types in your audience—

🧭 Poised & polished, she wants the methodical "how"
📊 Sassy & strategic, anti-fluff/high BS radar
🖤 Winsome charmer, ALL about the feels
💡 Whimsical visionary—your big-picture buyer

Amount of your brand that's communicated visually ^^

Sliver of your marketing communicated with WORDS.

imagery & visuals.

*according to Nielsen Norman Group analysis of 50,000 page views studied by computer scientists, psychologists, sociologists, engineers

that speak to all 4 major buying styles for the keystone pages of your website. You don't need a huge site (unless you really want one). What you do need? To be able to measure—with numbers—if it's converting ... and know what to tweak to see lift.

Lawyer-up copy frameworks

to constantly mine for those “What!? Get out of my head!” marketing moments with your audience, so no matter if you pivot, introduce a new offer, or change industries entirely, you know how to empathy hack your customer & client's voice data.

Ear-to-the-ground systems

—the crown jewel which is your Onlyness Factor—as the foundational slab of the whole structure. It’s based on what you DO own the monopoly on: your story.

A rock-solid brand messaging kit

The 20%* the buyer's eyes DO land on
work, & work        

I realized all this in 2016 as I started applying my corporate marketing insights to the creative economy. 



and I created my 3-part framework to websites that make bank:




Because that 20%? that's what actually closes the sale. 💵💰

this does not mean you need less copy.
this means ...

... and then I started teaching it to people like you.

I applied it to one on one clients. I grew my team, and trained my copywriters on the system.
We tried it on 30+ niches & industries, tweaking as we went.

Hop on the VIP Waitlist now and call dibs on
spots when we run this whole thing again. 

Copywriting for Creatives is currently
sold out as we serve new students.

The original brand messaging + conversion copywriting curriculum and tried-&-true template suite developed specifically for creatives, entrepreneurs, & artsy-type founders like you.

she's back & ready to help you sell in 2024—

Copywriting for Creatives is the first & ONLY agency-trenches-developed method to excavate your set-apart brand message, write a site that speaks to all 4 buyer personas, & launch it to sell with measurable data points .


I had been putting off this update for over 18 months and was able to get it done in just over a month using everything from CFC!

Also, this is, without a doubt, the most thorough course I've ever seen. Branding, marketing, all of it. It's so much more than mere copywriting. I think Ashlyn doesn't fully describe what CfC really is. I've gone through a lot of branding/marketing courses, books, worksheets, etc. Blows all the rest out of the water. It's not about writing, at all—it goes beyond that.

100% worth the investment. I’ve had so many lightbulbs while writing my Onlyness factor and my website copy.

You're *OVER* fluffy, empty-promise programs. You've thought "Argh! Stop telling me WHY and show me HOW" before. <<< game on, sis.

You need to be completely confident in your own voice, so you can write any copy that you need—WITHOUT a copywriter price tag every stinkin’ time.

It feels like your business is "missing something," ... but you can't figure out what it is ... ? 🔮

You're OVER the marketing hustle. You need your website & copy to do the heavy-lifting with sales, so you can focus on your craft … and then log off at the end of the day.

Red flag clients have you raising your eyebrows—whyyy aren't the organic, dreamboat inquiries reaching out??

"My corporate talk is officially gone!" ⬅⬅ would be ~real~ nice to say.

when ...


After CfC, I felt like I suddenly had magical words flying out of my finger tips on my laptop keyboard. CfC was the key to unlocking my writers block!