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"I KNEW I had to write like myself, but had no idea how to get there ... and I was afraid of spending money and not seeing a return.

Welp, since launching the new copy, I've gotten more organic inquiries than ever before AND feel like I'm reaching the right people (no more "red flag" clients—yay!). I love having my notes to flip back through and having the course for life. The group coaching bonus was AMAZING."

owner at Spunky Sapphire Events


Anna Koppelaar

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success stories

"I didn't actually know what I was doing when it came to copywriting—or more accurately what copywriting was at all!

Once I learned what copywriting was, I realized it was a piece of the puzzle I didn't even know I was missing. A key to connection to customers in a "hello, I am a real person who would love to help!" kind of way. CfC has given me so many tools that have improved my business.

owner at Modern Maker Stamps


sarah patro

success stories

Truth: I knew Ashlyn was good; but I NEVER in a million years thought I would be able to say this. UNREAL! My husband (who sweetly does my taxes every month), came to me one night and said, 'What's different? something changed because your numbers are sky high!' Just a little, CFC action. :) The thought of selling ANYTHING used to scare me, but with Ashlyn's method, I've learned to view sales as an exchange of value where I'm just helping to solve a problem. It's a mindset shift that changed everything!"

owner at Crisp Home Interiors


emily knotts

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"I loved this course! Getting to hear your background and reasoning for copy decisions was amazing. 

Messaging is now very clear to me: you repeatedly hit on the idea of "making things clear" and that was extremely helpful. Now, I'm going to do a better job at telling a story via social media (coming up with a calendar) and also plan to figure out a way to blog that works best for me. In my mind I had always relied on photos to sell my work and myself and it is very clear to me now that that wasn't working! :) "

owner of Jaclyn Journey Weddings & Journey + Jacobs Design Studio

"I understand now that copy=sales."

jaclyn journey

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I realized that my "roadblock" wasn't that I wasn't a good writer. It was because I was not trained in writing copy that CONVERTS to sales.

 I took CfC over a year ago. But when writing my sales page for my new membership, what do I go to for guidance? CfC! I get complements alllllll the time on my website. How they feel like they know me and can relate to me based off words on my website! That's all CfC!

You know how sometimes it hard to explain what we do where people understand? Yea, CfC will help with that and so much more.

photographer & educator

This program gets more valuable as my business grows.

kayla brint

success stories

My messaging was all over the place and not niched down. I have a heart to serve and I wanted to serve anyone and everyone. I was grasping at straws trying to talk to everyone.I wasn't getting results so therefore doubting myself. I also had a HUGE fear of failure which kept me from executing my work.

It was way more than a copywriting course for me. It helped me narrow down my target audience and really get into their heads. It also made writing content in general WAY easier. I used to write ALL over the place and now I only write content that is specific to my ideal audience. It has taught me just how important copywriting is! This is hands down the best course I have ever purchased.

business coach, marketing strategist, & podcaster

This course was LIFE CHANGING for my business—i Made back my investment within 2 weeks of launching!

ashley mae fernandez

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"I always thought I was a "good writer" but would blankly stare at my screen every time I wanted to write an email or a blog or even a description of my services and draw a complete blank. Ashlyn has a clever way of teaching copy that excites me and eliminates that overwhelming feeling! 

I launched my website ON TIME (never happens!) and booked out for 6 months almost immediately. I started writing blogs & get between 10-12 direct replies to every newsletter with heartfelt responses. I've genuinely connected with a larger portion of my audience, grown my team from 3 to 10 designers, and maintained consistency in our communication and message! 

owner at Drop Cap Design & creator of Enneagram for Entrepreneurs


kadie smith

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I literally go through the entire blueprint and curriculum every time I am creating a new product or service and at least 2x a year to keep my general copy on point. My social media accounts grew in engagement and in following… not just because of the words, but the specificity and strategy. Niche, Niche baby. It literally reframed the way I thought about my business and my role in it.

I just launched my first 3-Day Dream-to-Done™ Brand Intensive with a local client and at the end she told me I helper her in ways no one else had. She actually paraphrased my onlyness statement back to me without knowing it. I guarantee it would have never of happened if I hadn’t crafted one in CfC. Because I know my own business better I can help more clients get confident and equipped in theirs.

founder of Designed to Thrive Creative

If you as a creative entrepreneur could only take one course in the life of your business, this is the one.

michele Perry

success stories

"I felt so busy that I couldn't turn around, too much advice on the Internet (and a lot of it contradicting the other), not sure how to really hit that chord with my ideal reader. I didn't WANT to sound like every other sustainable lifestyle blogger out there and how to find my voice. as worth investing in myself and my business. When I saw CfC, I just had this feeling that this was it, this was the sign I'd been waiting for. And if it didn't work, that was okay because there would be enough value in the lessons that I could still grow. My biggest win was realizing that I don't feel like I need to appeal to everybody anymore. I feel a little more confident in my personal voice and hope that will continue to strengthen the more I use it."

CfC is how to write your website with a twist of sass—and the best way I've found to create a business I love.

sustainability lifestyle blogger at The Intentional Hippie

CfC is ... the best way I've found to create a business I love.

Ellen Merriss

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trusted by & seen in

"I'm constantly receiving emails from other business owners saying how they love how my voice comes across so authentically on my site—and they wish they could do the same! 

Also, I swear it takes me a quarter of the amount of time to write everything in my business ... blogs, emails, site pages, social media posts ... CfC helped my copy across all parts of my business."

Squarespace expert & designer


paige brunton

success stories

I knew I needed to get my messaging right if I wanted any success ... and there was no way I could do it on my own. After CfC, writing my website copy wasn't hard anymore! CfC is a program to help you nail down your messaging so you can attract your dream clients through your words.

designer & owner of Wellness Site Shop

mary Ochsner

I'm not naturally a writer, so I struggled to find the words to express my brand. The course has been amazing! I have a better voice to speak directly to my target client in my website and marketing materials. I've strengthened my brand with copy that separates me from my competition and allows me to connect with my target client. 

Ashlyn seriously has a gift for breaking it all the way down for those of us that struggle with writing. And not just write copy, but copy that expresses the heart of my brand!

luxury wedding designer at Lemiga Events

michelle gainey

success stories

"After JUST Module 2, I wrote out 4 blog posts that I'm loading into my new site! 

I'm writing TO my ideal client, and that has changed EVERYTHING. I'm not sounding cheesy anymore--I'm sounding genuine. You're already blowing my mind away with so much knowledge and perspective. I wish I had this years ago. My notebook is already filling to the brim. 😃 I'll be able to tell my ideal bride who I am, how I can help her, and I can do it in a loving, service-driven way without sounding like a sales pitch."

wedding photographer

laura watson

success stories

"Before I joined this program I was deciding between hiring out a copywriter or learning to write copy for myself. I didn't think that I could possibly do as good of a job as a pro but I knew if I wanted my business to really be MY business then I needed to learn this skill for myself. 

Since finishing CfC, I've successfully launched my course using a sales page that converts following the CfC blueprint and gained over 1,200 new subscribers to my email list. I came to CfC for copywriting skills regarding my sales pages—but I left with so much more!"

Montessori educator at This Toddler Life

holly Daniel

success stories

"We didn't even realize copywriting was a thing! ;) We just slapped our event information on our website and thought that was fine. As we moved through the course, we couldn't believe what we'd been missing for so long!

Because of what we learned in the course, we have marketed our workshop website and schedule launch for weeks in advance, have specific sales copy planned out, and have drawn in so many new people to our site. We got the most traffic to our website on launch day than we ever have before and already have a ton of sweet gals signed up and excited to join us for our 2018 events!"

founders of Bloom: The Workshop

Ashley Slater & Michaela Warner

success stories

""THE BRAND VOICE STYLE GUIDE LITERALLY WAS A GAME-CHANGER. It makes it SO much easier to create copy that sounds like ME because I'm able to stay consistent! 

I finally have a PROCESS to copywriting that doesn't make me wanna barf, ha. Creating copy is soooo much easier and I've been able to find my brand voice in a way that feels totally true to me—I've revamped my sales pages and created a welcome email sequence that makes me proud."

founder of Hologram Branding

Ashley De Filippis

success stories

I was completely and utterly blown away. I got my first client from the CfC community and it has grown steadily since then. After launching my new website with brand spankin' new copy, I gained three new clients, grew my email list from zero to 49 (small I know, but still something!) and most importantly I gained confidence in my business and my website. I started taking my business seriously and believing I could do it—and I got so excited about my business because I was suddenly doing EXACTLY what I loved, not just doing something in the ball park of what I liked. My business has continued to grow: this month I was completely booked with clients for the full month!"

editor & book coach at Ink & Grace Editing


ashly hilst

success stories

"Before CfC, I was a hot mess. I didn't have an elevator pitch, I couldn't tell you what makes my product unique, and I couldn't tell you who I serve or how I would describe my brand voice. Everything was up in my head bouncing around, but couldn't seem to get organized and channel it into copy that converts. I was allergic to writing. Seriously. Every. single. time. I sat down at the computer to write copy for my website or brand, that blinking cursor gave me flustered, sweaty palms. I'd pound even more coffee and spend HOURS trying to craft something-anything-that I could put on my website but it never felt right. Hands down, CfC has been the single best investment I have made for my business. It's made it so much easier for me to describe my product and connect with customers in a way I couldn't before. I am most excited to report that since the install of the new copy on my website after CfC, my sales have increased 215% year/yr, orders have increased by 200% and unique visitor traffic increased by 125%! "

creator of newborn tracker The Tiny Tracker

Hands down, CfC has been the single best investment I have made for my business ... my sales have increased 215% year over year.

lauren Anderson

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"I'd tried to soak up as much free content from Ashlyn as I possibly could for about a year, but it still wasn't helping me deliver my OVERALL message. 

In a nutshell, Ashlyn's helped me become more me, but in a professional, command-respect-as-a-business-woman kind of way. Going through the exercises, I was so shocked that she was actually helping me find my voice in the right manner. I've even seen more engagement with my newsletter and social media posts since implementing my new copywriting skills!"

makeup artist

kari roberts

success stories

"I felt completely unqualified to write my own copy. I also felt like I would get it SO wrong, I wouldn't even attempt at writing copy for my own business. I live for Ashlyn's swipe files. They help get me started with my own copy and I'm off to the races.

"I developed 4 new products as a result of the feedback I received AND I know exactly what my customers expect from my company. Not only do you get feedback from the super supportive community but Ashlyn's team is right there to offer their expert advice on your copy."

owner of Ponderlily

"My customer survey response rate increased by 191%. Yup, you read that right."

Carina lawson

success stories

"I'm an online business manager specializing in social media—CfC has helped me write copy for not only my business but also for my clients. Many of them always say that my copy is on point and sometimes they felt that they wrote the captions themselves when in fact, I did! 

I didn't want to sound like a sleazy salesman, and had trouble trying to articulate to my ideal clients that I'm the best person for their business needs. Now, I don't spend as much time writing as I used to. Ashlyn does a great job at breaking things down and making sure that it was understandable for someone new in writing."

online business manager at JaschaMikka.com

"I definitely gained more confidence in my writing and felt like it's easier now."

jascha mascardo

success stories

"I dreaded copywriting and I felt really insecure about my writing. It didn't feel good enough. 

Now, I feel so much more confident in writing and my writing speed and ideas improved. I've had a lot of complete strangers say that they understand what I do and they feel like they know me because of my writing! Ashlyn knows what she's doing, and how to help creatives best understand themselves, and how to write like they've always wanted to."

wedding & senior photographer

kelby cano

success stories

"I knew I was solid in my expertise, but I just didn't know how to share all that with the rest of the world! 

Since CFC, I pivoted my entire business to niche down and rebrand to feel WAY more like me and the dreamies I wanted to reach. I regained the confidence I lost, and reignited my love of writing and research to churn out 20 new blog posts and a list of over 100 more blog post ideas. I gained 6 new clients, including two established businesses that I wound up subcontracting for as an 'in-house' expert, providing me with some stable recurring income while I worked on the rest of my business. 

brand strategist at She's Got Vision


vanessa shepherd

success stories

"Writing website copy was the LAST thing I wanted to do! I was uncertain how to fit multiple offerings together, and was starting to doubt myself and my skills. I needed a mix of practical advice and kind-hearted words to help me through!

And now? I've received emails from strangers commenting on how clear my copy is, saying that it seems filled with personality. My offerings and website seem to stand out."

content strategist at Creative She Wrote

leah wechsler

success stories

"I felt my brand didn't have a consistent look and feel overall. Taking CfC was part of my total rebrand with new photos, a new website, new products. I didn't want to be just a pretty face and the copy part of my business was just as important to me.

CFC really helped me hone in on my brand voice and OWN it! Now, I unapologetically write how I talk and with a mission in mind.I 'm so much more confident talking about my business with everyone—including the people close to me. I actually have a clear vision of what the heck I'm doing now! Because I have a more clear direction of the Kitty Meow brand I'm not wasting my time with projects that don't align with my overall vision and big dream goals. Being able to sit down and focus on my business and have clear steps on how to do so was so valuable. I've done lots of courses and classes, but this was by far one of the BEST."

owner & designer at Kitty Meow Boutique


catherine hildner

success stories

"Before CFC, I felt lost in a sea of voices. I didn't sound like "me", I sounded like everyone else. I knew I needed to step back & figure out HOW to say what I wanted to say—I needed Ashlyn's straight-to-the-point truths about copy & why not ask the wizard herself?! 

C@H Round 7 sold 75 seats in 12 hours because of the sales page I wrote through her course. (WHAT?! I still pinch myself!) She was like my copy-fairy-godmother in my back pocket! 

Who else gets creative entrepreneurs like Ashlyn?! NO one. She knew the questions I needed to ask to speak the language of my audience & the formulas to use to drive the point home!

creator of Creative@Heart & Dear Sweetheart Events

kat schmoyer

success stories

I'm a creative strategist who can copywrite her tail off for others brands- but struggle with feeling legitimate in my craft, so I always feel so silly when I start to tell MY story. I knew I needed to clarify my voice. 

Now, the fact that I can write from an honest place in a SMART way (and see conversion!!!) is so exciting! I have all the raw written materials from the course and am going to be giving my entire site a little facelift! Having a site full of words that reflect my heart and WHY behind my business is bound to positively influence potential clients."

creative strategist & designer

meg burrell

success stories

"I knew I was a good writer, but I had NO IDEA how to apply that to my wedding photography business. I knew my business was missing something but I couldn't figure out what it was, until I found Ashlyn. 

Now, I launched a brand spanking new BEAUTIFUL website that has gained me more leads and more clients. I get so many compliments on my copywriting and blog posts all.the.time. I've booked higher paying brides and have had them tell me they choose me because they felt SO taken care of and educated throughout the consult process.  I've launched a newsletter and while she's growing slow, I'm getting a lot of good feedback and clicks-through on my CTAs. I feel like I have a game plan now, and I could implement what Ashlyn taught if my business takes on a new direction or if I decide to do something different altogether! I loved learning theories and concepts behind copy and WHY IT WORKS. I've implemented goal-setting, calendars, duty days and so much more because of Ashlyn!"

photographer & blogger


chelsea q. white

success stories

"I loved that the program was from the 'creative' perspective—it was helpful to have a tailored program for me. I’m getting ready to launch my website and online shop in next month, and have a new-found sense that I can actually write copy."

hand-made jewelry designer

latisha leppert

"I'm so grateful to put my words in your hands!"

- Lara casey

"This course has been a game-changer for my business. I was so challenged by the exercises to create my mission statement, brand voice, and more. CfC equipped me with a content strategy, unique voice, and showed me how to write so my clients are the hero role in my brand story. I confidently know I’m building a narrative that will carry me forward in my business!"

-Katelyn Vines

"Our sales have absolutely increased since making just a few of just the first tweaks you recommended. 

-sarah chancey

""I can't tell what Ashlyn wrote or what came out of my mouth. I'll take it!"

- Jenna Kutcher

"We love the copy and the organization of it—this is all so helpful, and I can't thank you enough!"

- Laura Hooper Calligraphy

"The fact that I can write from an honest place in SMART way (and see conversion!!!) is so exciting. Having a site full of words that reflect my heart and WHY behind my business is bound to positively influence potential clients."

- meg burrell

"The fact that I can write from an honest place in SMART way (and see conversion!!!) is so exciting. Having a site full of words that reflect my heart and WHY behind my business is bound to positively influence potential clients."

- meg burrell

"We sold out a $1,000 coaching program!"

- Jessica Rasdall

I couldn't explain what I did for a living: I knew the purpose of my business, but could never quite put it into words. I knew I needed to rewrite all my website copy before my website redesign, but was too much of a control-freak to just hand that over to another person, but also didn't feel equipped to do it myself. 

Ashlyn helped me finally figure how to explain what I do clearly & quickly, and how to infuse that mission and MY voice throughout every aspect of my business. 

I'm as frugal as they come, so spending much money on a not-so-tangible thing like education is always hard for me, but I am SO glad I took the leap with this one!

owner & letterpress stationer at Paper & Honey


laura joseph

success stories

"Before CfC, I had a general idea, but struggling to define the specifics. There were so many options, so much to do, too many things on my plate. Writing copy was generic, boring and ambiguous!

I was WAITING for CfC to open so I could give Ashlyn my money. CfC is the single best investment I've made for my business to date. I went from a general business idea and a domain name, to a fully functioning, professional site that showcases my personality and a high-end brand value, and that I feel amazing sharing with people. I know that I have all the tools and knowledge available to write anything I need for my site in the future. Instead of staring at a blinking cursor, wondering what to write, I know exactly what my goals are, what to convey, and how to get there quickly. I went from taking 3 weeks to write one page, to writing three sales pages in 2 days. Not bad. The blend of research and practical info, and Ashlyn's live Facebook calls (especially the one with Tal!) were my favorites. If I'd only learned how to niche down and articulate the purpose and differentiating features of my business, it would have been worth it. My biggest ah-ha moment came on a live call with Ashlyn. I was going around in circles, trying to figure where to settle my niche. After 5 minutes with Ashlyn on the group call, I had total clarity and laser-focus. It felt like an enormous weight was lifted off my shoulders, and I've moved forward confidently since then"

media trainer & PR strategist for entrepreneurs

CfC is the single best investment I've made for my business to date.

tiffany eurich

success stories

"Ashlyn, you give so much away and explain things in such a way that they actually make sense. I felt like a terrible writer. I would stare at the blinking cursor—I didn't understand how to be persuasive, and I especially didn't know what order to put things in.

I've transitioned my business, launched a mastermind, and already filled two spots. I cultivated my tone of voice more than ever. My corporate talk is officially gone!

My confidence has grown so much just by going through this course."

owner & coach at Brightly & Co.


breanne dozier

success stories

"I was struggling to be persuasive in my copywriting. I didn't feel like what I was writing was resonating with my following.

Since CfC, I've created multiple landing pages with ease. Having a copywriting blueprint for each section of my website was invaluable. I absolutely love using Trello to organize all of my Janette-isms, reviews, words, etc. My favorite part was collating the surveys I got back from my followers and figuring out who I should be targeting. This course has given me the confidence that hell yes I can do this! 

owner & planner at Olive Rose Weddings

janette newell

success stories

"I honestly loved researching things, but felt like I had so much info in my head and it wasn't coming out on paper and my website. I wanted to apply what I'd learned, but also learn new things to tie it all together ... and most importantly get it out there!

Since Copywriting for Creatives, I've just booked two clients who've said 'after looking at your site I felt like we'd be a good fit'—I know I'm a good designer, but those weren't all design-only comments ... those were also from the copywriting on my website, I know!"

woodworker & owner at Site Maker Studio 

jennifer sanjines

success stories

"Before I joined this program, I'd jump from sounding super formal and robotic (so not me!) to relaxed and fun, but it never sounded the same. There was a major disconnect between my words on 'paper' vs. what I actually sound like when chatting with someone

Now, I get a ton more emails from clients who say they feel like they know me already and are excited to work with me. I've been focusing on growing my email list and while it's slow and steady, I have a 45% open rate again and again—I know people are interested in what I am saying now!"

owner of Brand Your Small Business


becca ellison

success stories

"I've always considered myself a good writer, but I struggled to understand how to write directly to my ideal client.

I loved having a plan with CfC—when I get overwhelmed, I can pull the program back up and refer to different lessons to make a plan (The copywriting formulas are key, too!). My biggest WIN was revamping my education website: JamieDelaineWatson.com—I'm really proud of it! My first course was launched in July and CfC was very helpful in writing the sales page—I'm launching round 2 now!"

photographer & educator


jamie delaine watson

success stories

"In the same way a workout can be tough, you know you'll be stronger if you power through it. I'm able to connect now with what makes me different than everyone else in my area and use THAT to my advantage on my website.

The access to Ashlyn and her team for direct one-on-one advice was incredible. She made suggestions for technical things on my website that I never would have thought of. 

I was worried this might be another one of those courses that makes a lot of promises but never really delivers—it's so far beyond that." 

 wedding & newborn photographer


melissa arlena

success stories




Kristin from girlboss

success stories

"As a business owner, we wear so may hats and copywriting was needed in all areas of my business. From my website to social media and various marketing tools, copy was one area that I didn't want to wait and rely on (or pay!) another professional to do every time I needed help.

I just completed the program and feel a large sense of freedom and accomplishment. My website is now running better than ever—and I'm happy to roll this into all areas. I loved the step-by-step videos and tons of print outs to really help walk through the process with great examples!"

owner & designer at Pier 9 design


stephanie mckean

success stories

Days after applying the Copywriting for Creatives content in my business, we've grossed nearly $20,000 in revenue from a small launch. I have NEVER had this kind of conversion before!

 wedding photographer & educator

callie lindsey

success stories